Thursday, August 9, 2012

Compulsion Has No Home Here...

The dictionary's definition of compulsion speaks of an "urge to form a behavior against one's normal wishes".

Surely the idea has no home in the world

 of training animals.

Why not encourage a dog to do something with a reward...something she likes, something she enjoys? You'll feel better about it too!

Enjoy a beautiful relationship with your dog through nothing more than a respectful two-sided communication. Thank you for sharing such a great moment, Leslie!

I do know this...compulsion is sometimes used without making a conscious decision to do might stem from an old habit, actual instruction or acute frustration. Bottom line, if you are seeing it in your own daily habits or training repertoire, please don't feel ashamed or guilty, just change something! BE your own change! Learn a new way...a kinder, softer, gentler way!

Paws up!
Kimberly Burgan, CPDT-KA
Author of "Poppy and Puppy Are Friends"


"So true and well written, Kimberly. Works for 2 leggers also. I work better for something I like. And it's really great when the activity becomes the reward. I love the way my dogs light up when they hear "car" or "walk". And Sandy dances when she sees her Divine Canines vest. Happy well trained dogs make my life easier and more joyful." - Alice Aves, Austin, TX

Kimberly Burgan, CPDT-KA is the author of "Poppy and Puppy Are Friends: A Child's Introduction to Responsible Dog Ownership". This gem of a storyline for adults and children is now available for purchase at Amazon!