Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I choose to believe...

I read a "note" on Facebook today...it was entitled "Rescue Dogs Are Not Rejects". I thought about the note for quite some time and just couldn't help but open my mouth. I responded with the following, as I felt strongly about sending the right message across all spectrum of dog owners, not just those who have rescued, but for those who have "purchased" as well. My comment was deleted immediately.

I choose to believe that people do not view rescue dogs as rejects. True, some may not realize the full value and have misconceptions that it is better to buy a pet at a "store" (ggggrrrr). Education will be our key in battling the puppy-mill industry! However, it is important to point out that a rescue dog may NOT always be the BEST solution for every family for every purpose. As a professional, there are often times I have recommended a shelter or rescue selection (spanning all ages), but there have been other times that I have recommended a qualified breeder to fill a specific need. So, while I'm a huge fan of rescue...I'm not a huge fan of the "never buy from a breeder" message that I'm seeing on this "note". There's a dog out there for every one...they come in all shapes and sizes, ages, breeds and come from all different places. Bonus points for quality breeders working to perpetuate and preserve quality breed characteristics and PAWS WAY UP to all of those in the rescue industry. It takes all kinds! - KB
People are generally good (humans like to point fingers and many times forget that part!). Those seeking the companionship of a pet are likely trying to do it the right way...they might just require some guidance. It is important that we send the right message about choosing what is best for a family's specific needs rather than condemn a general concept. And...that, well, it's just my two cents!

Hats off to the author of the "note" that sparked this thought...there is heart behind each word...I don't doubt that. Mostly, the body of the message was speaking out against buying a dog in a pet store and unintentionally supporting the horrific puppy-mill industry.

Not sure what a puppy-mill is or how you might be supporting the trade? Visit http://www.stoppuppymills.com/ for more information.

Where to find your next companion? Your local shelter, qualified rescue organization or qualified breeder. Have fun and Paws UP!

P.S. I have a secret...the dog does not care where, how or why you acquired him...he is just grateful for your love!